“Good design is good business.”
– Thomas J. Watson Jr.


Welcome to Emcom Technology.

Whether you need a website to promote yourself, your organization, or an e–commerce site, we are here to design your dreams. In most cases we use the PHP code language, Google Analytics integration, and MySQL development to create the site you imagine. We can also create a website in WordPress, or any other Content Management System you require. Send us an message to see what else we can do for you!

View a couple of our other sample videos.


DOT – Login

  • I have developed a login system to showcase more of my skills. Send me a message to learn more.

A Plus Storage

  • This is a website for a storage facility. Some of the benefits are video monitoring, climate controlled units, and much more...


  • This website is for custom hand carved pistol grips. The custom grips are made from natural products.

WordPress Sample Website

  • This is a example WordPress website. It features the latest version of WordPress. It can easily be customized for your products or images.

WordPress Sample Webstore

  • This is an example WooCommerce webstore. It features customizable shipping options, multiple payment methods, and many other options for each product you add.


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Or email us directly at matt@emcomtechnology.com.


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